Cookies used on a Haiku website

You will require this information when you would like to find out which cookies are being used on your Haiku website.

Haiku Cookies

ANONSERVERIDthis is used to identify which server should process browser requests for anonymous users e.g., app-anon-1.haiku.fry=c4
AUTHSERVERIDthis is used to identify which server should process browser requests for authorised users e.g., app-auth-1.haiku.fry=c1
cookielaw_cookies_are_enabledThis is used to store confirmation that the Cookie Policy banner has been read
_shibsession_XXXThis is used when an authenticated user successfully logs into the Haiku with a supported protocol, a cookie specific to that user's session is set and used to associate the rest of that session's requests back to the user's login information.
haiku.notificationsThis is used to store the IDs of notifications that anonymous users have read and dismissed. The purpose is to not show users the same notifications again. Rarely used.

Google Analytics Cookies
_ga, _gidThese are Google Analytics cookies. They store the client ID and are used to distinguish unique users by assigning a randomly generated number as a client identifier and to calculate visitor and session data. The difference is _ga expiration time is 2 years and for _gid it is 24h
_gat, _gat_haikuThese are Google Analytics cookies and are used to monitor and track visitors' behaviour on the site anonymously. Expiration time 1m
_gat_gtag_UA_XXXGoogle Analytics cookie to distinguish unique users.
For more information about Google Analytics cookies:See: