'Banner' tile

You will need this information when you wish to add an image to your cover page.

What is the Banner tile?

The banner tile is used for displaying images on a cover page that you do not wish to put text or any other information around. The width of the banner image will be controlled by the width of the column that it is placed into.

Adding an image to a Banner tile:

  1. Find the image that you would like to add to the 'Banner tile' 
    1. If you have just uploaded the image, it will be listed in the 'Recent items'
    2. If it is an image you have uploaded that is not showing in the 'Recent items' section, then you can use the search box to look for the image.
  2. Drag the image over the 'Banner image tile'
  3. If you wish to edit the image, it's title, or the URL that it links to, hover over the 'Banner image tile' and click the 'Edit' button in the top left, and a pop-up will open
    1. When you first add an image, it will have a title which will be the name of the image in the image library. This can be removed or changed, and will appear in a block of colour as a caption under the image.
    2. The URL can be defined as either an internal or external URL. If it is an External URL, remember to add ' http:// '.
    3. Save any changes that you have made

Changing the image on a Banner tile:

  1. To change the image on a 'Banner tile', simply drag the new image on top of the 'Banner tile' and drop it over the image that is currently in place.

Removing the Banner tile:

  1. If you wish to remove the Banner tile, navigate to the 'Layout' view of the cover page, and click 'x' in the top left of the tile. When deleting a tile, the tile you are selecting has a red border.