Featured tile

You will need this information when you have added a Featured tile, and wish to populate it for the first time, or edit it.

What is the Featured tile?

The Featured tile is for creating a section of content that you can enhance with the formatting options to make it stand out to a user. You can add links from this section and format the title, but not the text.

Adding content to a Featured tile:

  1. In the Compose view, you will see that your Featured tile is empty (unless you are coming back to edit it!). To populate the Featured tile, you will need to hover over the tile until you see the blue Edit button in the top left, and then click on it. Please note, you can also add images to the Featured tile by dragging and dropping them over the tile from the content chooser on the left.
  2. The headed sections in the Featured tile edit interface will be:
  3. Content
    1. Title Tag
      1. This defines the size of the title for the tile.
    2. Text
      1. This is a plain text field for some body text of the Featured tile.
  4. Button 
    1. Internal link
      1. To search for an internal link, enter the name of the item of content in the search box and then click on the Search button underneath. This will generate a list of matching results, click on the item of content that you wish to link to.
    2. External link

      1. This will replace an internal link selected above if an external link is entered. Remember to make sure that the link begins with http://.

    3. Open external link in new tab?
      1. If checked, the external link button will open in a new tab.

    4. Button alignment

      1. This determines where the button will sit in relation to the Featured tile.

    5. Button type

      1. This determines the visual style of the button deployed in the Featured tile

  5. Style 
      1. This feature allows the user to deploy a border of their choice on either or both sides of the Featured tile
      1. is is where you can define whether the Featured tile has a shaded background or stays plain.

Editing content in the Featured tile:

  1. To edit any of the properties or text on the tile, go to the Compose view of the Cover page, navigate to the Featured tile, and hover your cursor over it, the blue Edit button will appear in the top left, click this and edit any of the fields you would like to.

  2. To edit the image on the Featured tile, go to the Compose view of the Cover page, and then simply drag a new image from the content chooser over the tile, and it will update.

Removing the Featured tile:

  1. If you wish to remove the Featured tile, navigate to the Layout view of the cover page, and click x in the top left of the tile. When deleting a tile, the tile you are selecting has a red border.