Quick Facts tile

You will need this information when you have added a Quick Facts tile, and wish to populate it for the first time, or edit it. 

What is the Quick facts tile?

The quick facts tile gives you a quick and simple way to highlight some quick facts that you wish to show to a user. It is a static text box with a highlighted background and optional borders.

Adding content in the Quick Facts tile:

  1. In the 'Compose' view, you will see that your Quick Facts tile is empty (unless you are coming back to edit it!). To populate the Quick Facts tile, you will need to hover over the tile until you see the blue 'Edit' button in the top left, and then click on it.
  2. There are two headed sections in the Quick Facts tile edit interface:
  3. Content
    1. 'Quick Facts'
      1. This is the box for you to put the text of the tile in. Mark any words or numbers you want to show highlighted with asterisks (e.g. Founded in *2015*)
  4. Style 
    1. 'Box Border'
      1. This is where you can define whether the tile has a border on one or both sides.
    2. Box type
      1. This feature allows the user to deploy a highlighted background to the tile.

Editing content in the Quick Facts tile:

  1. Go to the 'Compose' view of the Cover page, navigate to the Quick Facts tile, and hover your cursor over it, the blue 'Edit' button will appear in the top left, click this and edit any of the fields you would like to.

Removing the Quick Facts tile:

  1. If you wish to remove the Quick Facts tile, navigate to the 'Layout' view of the cover page, and click 'x' in the top left of the tile. When deleting a tile, the tile you are selecting has a red border.