User fields


Each user has their own profile page which contains information about them. User fields are a way to customise what type of information is shown here.

Creating user fields

Standard information is present on everyone's Kaizen profile: first name, last name and email address. To add further fields to appear on each profile please follow these instructions. 

User fields are managed from within the user management dropdown in the top menu bar.


All user fields that have already been added will be shown in the subsequent list.

To create a new user field click the green button “New user field” at the top of the page. This will take you to the edit screen for a new field where you can start to populate the necessary information





User field name

The label which is given to this field every time a profile is viewed.

User field type

Specifies what kind of data should be input into this field. Select from the options provided.

Make this a required field

Determines whether this field is mandatory or not. If yes then a user will not be able to edit and save the profile until this field has been populated.  

Make this a unique field

This causes Kaizen to check whether any other profiles in the system have the same value as is being entered and will not allow an edit to be saved if there is a duplicate elsewhere. 

Lock this field (non editable by users)

Specifies whether this field should be editable by the end user or not. If it is locked then only users with the permission (as part of their roleallow user to edit locked user fields will be able to make changes. 

Show this field on the users list

Determines whether or not this field is shown directly on each user's record when viewing the list of users.

Who can see this user field?

Allows you to specify which role(s) should be able to view this piece of information on a given profile to which they have access. All defined roles are listed for selection, and all roles chosen will have the ability to view this data on all user profiles to which they have permissions to access.

The owner role is used should you wish the owner of the profile to view this information when viewing their own profile.

The default selection is all roles which results in this data being visible to all users with permissions to access any given user profile.

When restricting a user field to be visible to specific roles in the system please note this only takes effect when directly viewing someone’s profile. If the user field is used within a form (event type) the data will always be visible.


Click to save the changes made to this user field and return to the main list. The new user field will now be available to populate on each user's profile. If nothing has been entered on a profile for a field then it simply does not display. This keeps the presentation clean.

Reordering user fields

By default, the order in which the user fields display when viewing a profile will be the order in which they were originally created. To change this use the reorder button at the top of the user fields page.

Clicking this enters reordering mode. From here you can drag and drop the user fields into the desired order and click done to finish.

When viewing a profile the user fields will now be displayed according to these ordering preferences.

First Name, Last Name, Email and Secondary Email are standard user profile information which cannot be reordered.