Embed a report within an event type

Embedding reports into an event type is useful for when you want to automatically populate information from elsewhere in the system during the creation of new events. Any report template which has been published is able to be embedded into an event type.

  1. Reports are embedded inside event types during the creation/editing of a section. 

  2. Add the report field type by clicking add embedded report


  3. This takes you to the field edit screen where you can specify which report you would like to embed and what you would like to display.
    Select a report - This is a dropdown of all the published reports which exist in the system. The report you select here will be run at the point that this event section is created.
    Select what to display - Depending on how you have constructed your report template you will have options here on whether to display just the output table, just the output chart, or both together.
    Select charts to display -  If you have constructed your report template to include a chart then here is where you can select the chart you wish to display.

  4. If the report template you have selected includes fields that the user has been allowed to override then you can set any default values for these here. The values specified on the template will be displayed initially which you can then change if necessary. Whatever you specify here will be shown as the default when this report is run during creation of the event. 

  5. Secondarily you can either lock or open these fields to users when the event is created. To allow them to be changed add the relevant fields within the setting select the fields that can be changed by the user. If they are not added here then the defaults will be used when adding the event and running the report and cannot be changed.

  6. Multiple reports can be embedded into an event type. Save the section you are editing and publish as normal for this to become available to users when creating this event. Please note that when creating events containing embedded reports that the maximum number of rows capable of being stored within that event is 500. This means that reports containing less than 500 rows are captured and stored as a snapshot in time within the event so that when they are viewed at a later date they are identical. For reports containing more than 500 rows they will be freshly generated when viewed at a later date. 

When you create a new version of a report it will not change the embedded report version which is contained within an event type. If you wish to update the version of the report which is embedded in an event type you will need to create a new version of that event type, remove the report field and then re-add the report again for it to pick up the latest published version.