How to display reports on the dashboard

Any report template which you publish can be featured on user dashboards within a tile. This allows you to show summary information to that user within the tile alongside a quick way to access the full output of that report.

Every user has access to a dashboard in Kaizen when they first login to present them with useful information and links. Different users can be shown different dashboards in order to show them what is most important to them. This is done through creating templates for different user roles. 

To add a report to a template first add a new tile by clicking the button and then select the option Report from the available tile types. This immediately places a new tile onto the dashboard and will look as follows:

To set which report should be displayed in this tile click on the settings button in that tile  to bring up the available list of options.

  1. This then allows you to select from all of the published report templates from the dropdown Select a report.

  2. Next choose how you would like this report to display to users within the dropdown Select what to display. You can choose between showing the user just the regular output table, just the report chart (if you have created one in the styles section of the report template), or both the table and chart together. 

  3. Select columns to display is where you can choose which columns within the table (or chart) to display in this tile. This enables you to show a smaller, more compact set of data to the user on the dashboard if you wish. They can always view the full report by clicking through to view it.

  4. Finally, if you have allowed any fields in the report template to be changed by the user you can choose the defaults for these fields.

Once you have customised all of the tile settings save these changes by clicking  which will return you to the dashboard. You can rearrange the position of the tile by clicking and dragging on the move icon