Emails and invitations

Email notifications are generated and sent by Kaizen to inform users of activity which may require their attention. These emails are sent through Amazon SES and signed with a valid DKIM signature. TLS 1.2, 1.1 and 1.0 are supported and it will always attempt to make a secure connection to the receiving mail server. Emails are sent as both plain text and rich text to the receiving client and it is up to the client to choose the preferred format to display.

By default emails are sent from ( or so please ensure this address is allowed if you encounter any problems with delivery of emails. A subdomain of (including,,, depending on region) is used in the Return-Path header of the emails, which is necessary to ensure the SPF alignment. This email address does not accept incoming mail. If you wish to change the email address from which Kaizen emails are sent please see the information below.

Emails are DMARC compliant through the above mentioned DKIM and SPF configuration.

Your organisation logo will always be displayed within the body of the email if you have provided one

Choose a custom sending address

To change the email address from which emails are sent we will need to authorise your chosen address. The process is as follows:

  1. Provide us with your chosen email address from which you would like all emails to be sent, e.g.

  2. We will send an authorisation request to your chosen email address so please ensure you have access to the inbox for that address

  3. Action the authorisation request from the email inbox

  4. We will generate and share with you a set of DNS records for you to create for your chosen address. This step is to enable DKIM for signing of emails because DKIM authentication can only be set at the domain level.

  5. [OPTIONAL] By default the MAIL FROM domain will be a subdomain of It is possible to set up a custom MAIL FROM domain, e.g. to be used instead of the default. Exactly one MX record will have to be published to the DNS server of the MAIL FROM domain to set the custom MAIL FROM domain.

  6. [OPTIONAL] Publish an SPF record containing for the custom domain.

We strongly recommend you arrange to enter the DNS records in step 4, set up a MAIL FROM domain in step 5, and create a SPF record in step 6 - to ensure emails sent from Kaizen are not inadvertently marked as spam by recipient email clients or servers. Without these steps we cannot make the messages DMARC compliant.