Managing dashboard templates

Dashboard templates are a way for you to configure different tiles to display for different users of the system. These templates can be directed towards any of the roles that you have created so that you can choose what your users should see. There is always a default template which is what everyone will see, unless they have a role which is featured on a custom template.

The list of templates is accessed from within the Dashboard dropdown menu in the menu bar.

Create a new template by click the green  button in the top right corner. 

You will then be taken to the template builder page. The Template title is a way for you to refer back to this particular configuration from the list of available templates. It will be shown to end users if they have more than one template available to them. If they only have visibility of one template (excluding the default) then this title will not be shown to them.

Choose which roles of the system this template should be visible to by selecting as many as you like from the list Please select all roles this template should be visible to

Once you have specified the general settings for the template you can then move on to building the specific tiles that these roles should see when they are viewing this dashboard.


If a user has access to multiple dashboards they can switch between them using the dropdown at the top of their dashboard page. Changing this does not affect the actions they are able to perform within Kaizen, it is simply a way to access quick links most relevant to particular roles.