Approving responses to invitations

Within each event type section it is possible to choose whether the response needs to be approved by someone before the event can continue through the workflow. An example of this may be that you allow external users to be sent invitations but their responses to these invitations need to be checked before they rejoin the event.

These settings are shown at the top of every section configuration within an event type. They appear within the area labelled roles and approvals

Once you select a role you will see some further fields displayed beneath to allow you to customise the behaviour of the responses. There are broadly two collections of settings, as follows:

  1. Configuration of the behaviour of responses to invitations sent to email addresses not registered to a Kaizen account

  2. Configuration of the behaviour of responses to invitations sent to existing Kaizen accounts

If a role that can be sent external invitations is selected to fill in this section then you will see both collections of settings. If only roles that do not allow external invitations are selected then you will see only the second collection of settings.





Require account

Selecting yes will force users to register for an account before they can fill in their response. Selecting no will provide them the choice. If they choose not to create an account then you will still see the email address that the invitation was sent as a record of who filled in the section

When is approval needed

Always will mean that every response will require approval before the event can continue. Never will simply allow the event to continue with no intervention. Only when users submit without registering for an account will require approval when responses come from users choosing not to register. 

Who can approve the responses

This box allows you to choose from any of the roles which currently exist in the system. Any users with these roles will have the ability to approve the responses that come in for this event type section. All of these users will be sent an email to alert them of a new response where necessary.

There is also a global permission with the roles settings which allows people to have control over all pending sections, irrespective of the roles chosen as described above. This permission is called allow user to approve all pending sections. These users will also receive emails alerting them of a new response requiring approval.

When responses requiring approval are submitted they are stored within the user management dropdown from the menu bar.

This area then shows any responses which have been submitted that need to be approved by a role that is assigned to your user profile.