Goal periods

Periods can be useful for measuring progress against targets within separate blocks.

Periods are defined and configured within each event type which contains an embedded goal. 

Clicking add period will allow you to specify a name for a new period, as well as adding a tag and setting any required filters.

Name - This is the name of the period which will be displayed to the user when viewing these goals
Add a tag - Allows you to tag this period to a blueprint. This is useful when running reports across multiple goal sets and users in order to extract data on common periods. 

Periods must be tagged to blueprints in order for reports to be able to display progress of any given period

Period specific linking filters - Allows you to define a set of filters which determine which events should be linked to this period when it is used on any given target

Once you have defined your periods you can then make use of these when setting achievements for targets within this goal set. Beneath the how to measure progress filters on all targets you can choose to set achievements using your defined periods by clicking the split by periods button.

You can then select from any of the defined periods and enter the required number which the user must achieve against it.

After applying a goal containing periods to a user they will be displayed as below. It is possible to cycle through each period by clicking its name and the goal will update to display the progress achieved within the selected period. 

In order to be able to report on the progress of targets attached to periods those periods must be tagged to blueprints