Multi reports

Multi reports allow you to display many single reports on one page.

By default any new reports created will be a single report. If you wish to build a multi report click convert to multi report from the top of the page. It is not possible to convert from a multi report back to a single report.

Multi reports can be embedded within events and dashboard tiles in the same way as single reports.

This will change the edit interface to one which allows you to define many reports within the same template. The configuration already defined within the single report from which you converted will be carried across and added as a new report element.

Basic information

This is the same as defined on a single report with the exception being you no longer specify the data type on which to run this report. This setting is now found on each individual report element.

Global filters

This allows you to define a set of filters which apply across all report elements within this multi report. For example adding a global events filter for event owner will remove the need to define this filter on each individual events report element.

Filters defined globally are combined with filters defined within each individual report element.

List of reports

This area is where individual report and text elements can be added to form the basis of the output of this multi report.

New report

Adds a new single report element. Each element is defined in the same way as an ordinary single report template.

New text

Allows you to display some static text content upon report generation.