Downloading reports to CSV and PDF

The ability to download to CSV and PDF is a standard piece of functionality available to everyone

Download CSV

Reports can be downloaded using the export as CSV file button found at the top of each report page. It is not possible to download a multi report to CSV at this time.

Generation of the CSV will begin once this button is clicked and progress is represented by a percentage estimation. You are free to navigate away and continue working during this process, it is not necessary to remain on the page for the duration of the generation.

Once the CSV has been successfully generated the button will change to download CSV file. This link will remain active for 7 days from the time of generation and will expire after this time. The CSV file can be re-generated at any time by clicking the refresh button. The date and time of last generation is shown for reference of when the data was last refreshed.

Download PDF

PDF is an additional option for download when viewing a report. This includes viewing a report directly from the reports list and additionally when viewing a report which is embedded within an event.

Only the content currently visible on the screen will be included when downloading to PDF. If the report spans multiple pages consider displaying more results on the page before downloading to PDF. This setting will only display when there are too many results to display on a single page and can be controlled from the top right of the report.