Viewing and modifying email notifications

By default emails are sent from Kaizen using ( or as the sending address

Emails are sent by Kaizen to notify users of certain actions which happen within the system. The content of these emails can be viewed and customised by navigating to contentemail templates. This lists all the different types of emails which are sent from Kaizen along with a description of when they are sent and to whom.

Clicking view will show you a preview to provide an indication of how this email will look when received by users.

Clicking send test email sends an email to the primary email address associated to your account to enable viewing of an email in real email clients.

Edit will allow you to make changes to the content and subject of emails sent from an individual template.

Kaizen can automatically populate emails with dynamic data, which is dependent on the scenario and user(s) involved in the action. This allows you to provide contextual information to the person receiving the email. To make this possible Kaizen provides a list of available placeholders within each email template. When these placeholders are used within the email template content each placeholder will be replaced by the relevant real content when an email is sent. Placeholders can be used both within the email subject and email body.

To return to the default Kaizen template use the reset to default button when editing a template.