Fill in on same device

When filling in a section of an event Kaizen offers the ability to also complete the next section in the workflow on the same device.

This behaviour can help with situations such as in person feedback, where an assessor can quickly fill in their observations and responses directly on the device of the user requesting feedback.

Dependent on the settings made within the event type at the bottom of the form is a fill in on same device switch which allows the user to display the subsequent section in the workflow. Selecting yes will expand the event and display the next section directly underneath. The device can then be handed to the next person to complete their section.

As in every event the user completing the next section will need to be invited by searching for their name or email address.

The user who has completed a section on the device of someone else will receive an email informing them of this action. Dependent on the settings made within the event type they may need to confirm their response before the event can continue in the workflow. This confirmation can be done directly from their email notification or from within their Kaizen to do list.