Kaizen API

Our API is version controlled and we release new functionality over time in a similar manner as the core Kaizen application. The guidance for the current version can be found at: https://api.kaizenep.com/v2/docs/ and specific API call documentation can be found at: https://api.kaizenep.com/v2/

The API can be used to perform actions within Kaizen by processing the requests through a regular Kaizen user account. As such you will need to create a designated Kaizen user account for this purpose.

The role(s) assigned to this user governs the permissions with which this user can operate within Kaizen, and therefore directly controls the capabilities of this API user. In this manner the API behaves exactly the same way as every other user account in the system; it must be assigned the relevant permissions for the tasks you wish it to perform.

In order to use the API to create events the role(s) assigned to the account must possess the permission to create events on the timelines of other users. Additionally, the role assigned to the API user must be set within the event types you wish to use the API to create. Often this will involve setting the user for whom you wish to create the event within this event can be owned by, and setting the role(s) assigned to the API user as one which can fill in the first section of this event type. In this manner you are allowing the integration to create events of this type for other users by acting through your designated Kaizen API user.