Viewing emails sent from Kaizen

Kaizen contains a log of all emails sent from the system

To access the list of emails sent from Kaizen navigate to contentemail templatesview sent emails. This shows all emails which have been sent across all types of email template listed in chronological order.

Kaizen records whether or not an email has been successfully delivered to the client’s email server. Emails shown with a green bar have been successfully delivered, emails shown with a red bar have failed to be delivered to at least one of its intended recipients.

Emails cant be resent to the same recipient(s) by using the send again button. This will trigger the same email to be sent to the same recipient(s). If the email template has been modified since the original email was sent you can choose to regenerate the email using the current email template. If the recipient’s primary email address has changed since the original email was sent you can choose to send the email to the new address associated with this Kaizen account.

To view the list of emails sent for a particular template first navigate to the view of that template. From there you can view sent emails which displays the list of all emails sent from Kaizen under this specific template.


Viewing emails sent directly from audit logs

In addition to viewing the list of sent emails across the entire system from the email templates area it is possible to view the individual emails sent directly from all event audit logs.

Clicking on preview will display the details and content of the specific email sent at this point in the event workflow. This ability is also governed by the permission allow user to view email templates.