Mock run and data import results

Performing a mock run of the import task can be a helpful way to test the results without actually creating any data

The last step in the import configuration is to choose whether to run this import task as a mock run or to attempt to import the data for real.

It is recommended to perform a mock run of each upload as this will provide you with an indication of what will likely happen if you were to run the actual import. This allows for the correction or amendment of the source CSV data where needed, before proceeding to import data for real.

An import task cannot be undone so please ensure the data is correct before running the import for real.

A mock run will test the import and display the results of the likely scenario when this task is run for real.

The CSV row number corresponds to the row within the source CSV file, allowing for quick identification of the location of any reported errors.

Each row contains a results output which indicates whether or not this record is likely to be successfully actioned when the import is run for real. These results can be downloaded for the entire file for analysis using the download CSV output option.

Should the data or settings need modifying the retry button returns to the import configuration screen. From here the task can be performed as a mock run again.

A confirmation of the chosen options for this import is shown within the options sidebar card.