Using Blueprints within Event Types

Event types are the objects which define how every form looks and behaves. As part of building a form for your users to fill in it is possible to add many different elements depending on the intended use of the form.

Blueprints allow you to define certain content centrally and to place this content across multiple event types. This brings benefits such as the ability to use these blueprint fields within the configuration of goals.

Using a blueprint as a field on a form can be done by selecting add blueprint when configuring the event type.

This allows you to select from any Blueprints that have already been created within Kaizen. Once the chosen blueprint is selected the field visible label on the form will be displayed.

By default the name of the Blueprint will be used as the label on the form. Any label provided here will replace the default when users interact with this form. This allows for the same blueprint to be used across multiple event types and for each event type to display a different field label for this same blueprint.


Each blueprint can be used only once per event type section