How to set achievements for users


Achievements allow you to set specific targets to users.

Goals are a way to set objectives for someone to work towards. Each goal can be broken down into smaller sets of targets, and each target can have an achievement attached to it in order to make it specific.

When adding a target to a goal you then have the option to add achievement which will give you a further set of options to choose from.


How to link events
This controls which events are linked to this target.

How to measure progress
Once events are linked to this target this controls how progress should be calculated. Progress is always measured using the events which have been linked.

How many do you want to achieve
This allows you to set the number of things specified in the progress filter which the user should be working towards. If you do not wish to set a specific number then please leave this as 0. If your progress filter contains a numeric or likert blueprint then the achievement will measure this numeric blueprint. You are able to choose whether the target should count, sum or take the average of these numbers.

Both linking and measuring progress are configured using filters, similar to those found in the report generator. Clicking add new filter will allow you to start defining how linking and measuring progress should function.

If no filters are set for measuring progress then it will mean that any event linked to this target (both automatically and manually) will count towards its progress.