Creating and managing login credentials


Kaizen supports both local and single sign on credentials for users.

Adding a login credential whilst creating a new user

When creating a new user you will need to setup a login credential for them to be able to access Kaizen. 

Clicking this button will open a popup window to guide you through the process. Here you can set a username for the user and also choose whether you'd like to specify a custom password for them or to send a welcome email which will help them create a new password for the first time. If you choose to specify a custom password then Kaizen will not send an email to the user. In this case you will need to communicate their login credentials to them in order for them to know how and where to login.

You do not have to create a login credential for a user at the point at which you create their account. This can be useful if you need to populate their portfolio with some information before sending them a welcome email. You are able to return to edit their profile and add a login credential after you have added information to their portfolio to trigger an email when you are ready.

Adding a login credential to an existing user

It is possible for a user to have more than one login credential. Whilst editing a user's profile these can be managed from the login credentials tab. 

All the different login credentials listed for the user can be used to login to their account.

Managing SSO users

If your organisation is using SSO it is still possible to create new accounts within Kaizen. Depending on the level of integration we have with your CRM will result in one of the two following behaviours in this scenario:

  1. If we have integrated with your CRM then creating a new user in Kaizen can automatically create a corresponding new user record within your CRM

  2. If there is no integration then the user is always only created within Kaizen. You will need to ensure that the unique SSO ID used by this user to login to your SSO is specified in the SSO ID field. This enables that user to login through your SSO and reach the correct Kaizen account. Please note only users with the organisation admin role have the ability to create an SSO login credential.

The SSO ID of a user is not always the same as the username that they use to login to your SSO