Event workflow progression


Events are forms that are filled in by your users which can have a workflow built into them

Events can have either one or many sections in their workflow. As your users fill in events they are completing the first section and then submitting them on to the next stage in the workflow. It can take time for the different people responsible for completing each section to respond and so therefore it is useful to know at what stage the event is at through the workflow at any given time.

Whenever you are viewing events we display progression through the workflow in the form of a series of coloured circles. This is visible wherever you are viewing the event; timeline, to do list etc.

Each circle represents a section in the event workflow. The above example is therefore an event which contains three sections.

What do the colours mean?

These colours may vary slightly depending on your organisation theme

This section has been completed

This section is currently waiting for you to fill in and submit

This is a future section in the workflow which the event has not yet reached

Someone else has been invited to fill in this section and it is waiting for them to fill in and submit

This section was intentionally skipped because the conditions were met for not showing it in the workflow

Editing events in progress

It is possible for the event section owner to send a reminder to an invitation or to retract the invitation. This is done using the ‘remind’ or ‘retract’ buttons available in the event log on the users timeline.

Responses to previous sections in a workflow can be edited when a user completes the current section of an event. This is controlled via section specific editing permissions.

Comments can be added to completed events. This functionality enables the capture of discussions or notes outside of the event workflow.

Content within sections of events can be edited by assigning specific user permissions. Note that with the relevant permissions enabled is only possible to edit completed sections after the event workflow is completed.