How to link to goals

Once a user has been given a set of goals they can create and link events to show progress towards those goals.

Linking to goals can be done whilst creating a new event, or retrospectively by linking existing events.

Automatically linking whilst creating a new event

By configuring the achievement settings of targets to automatically link new events, all newly created events which match the linking filters will be linked to the relevant target(s). This does not require any user interaction and simply happens automatically.

Manually linking whilst creating a new event

When creating a new event there is always the option of linking it to any open goals by clicking the link to goals button in the top action bar.


If you have created goal categories this button will become link to... and show a list of the available categories to choose from.

Clicking link to… displays a popup containing all your open targets grouped within their goals and goal sets. This list is ordered by due date so that goals due next (or most overdue) are shown at the top.

Select one or more targets to which to link by clicking in the checkboxes and then choosing confirm

Linking retrospectively

Link an existing event can be done directly from the goals page. 

Navigate to the goal to which you would like to link and you will be taken to a page which displays the list of targets within that goal, similar to the below:

Each target offers the option to link event to this target. When clicked you are then able to choose to whether to create a new event or select existing event. Creating a new event from here will allow you to select a type of event to create and then automatically link that new event to this target.

Choosing select existing event allows you to choose from events you have previously created by showing you a list of all your events. From this list you can then click to link this event on any of the events to link it to this target.

If the target you are linking to has been created as a specific target, i.e. there are specific event types which should be linked to demonstrate progress, then by default the list shows just the events of this type. You can always switch to displaying all events by clicking the show all events button.