How to allow editing of previous event sections

This is a way for you to allow your users to edit any of the previous sections in the workflow whilst they are filling in their section of the event.

This functionality may be useful for you in the following example use cases:

  • Asking supervisors to moderate multi-source responses before releasing them to the trainee

  • Modifying a pre-populated review form with additional information

  • Providing in-context responses within the previous section of a form

You can control these settings from within the event type directly. When editing a section the option to add permission appears underneath the heading section specific editing permissions.

Adding a permission here allows you to set whether the person completing this form will have the ability to modify any of the previous sections in the workflow. You can choose to add a permission that will take effect on any of the other previous sections.

Once you have chosen a section you have the option of choosing the following permissions:

  • Can edit section responses - this gives the user the ability to edit any of the fields within this section

  • Can remove multi source responses - this gives the user the ability to remove multi-source responses from within the selected section. If the section is not a multi-source section then this permission will have no effect

When a user is filling in a form and the above permissions allow them to edit or remove content from a previous section they will see these options as action buttons. These will appear at the bottom of the section to which they apply.

When making an edit to a previous section the user must click save in order to save these changes. If they wish to cancel changes they have made and revert back to the original state then this is possible from the bottom of their own section as shown below.

Any changes made as part of this process are only applied once the user submits their section.