How to create goal categories

Categories are a way for you to separate your goals into different groups in order to make it easier for your users to find what they are looking for.

Goal categories behave in a very similar manner to timeline categories. They provide a way to break down all the different types of goal present within the system into groupings which may make it clearer for your users. 

To manage these categories navigate to Goals → Manage categories.

This will take you to a list of the existing categories where you can also add new ones, change the ordering and add event types to categories.

To add a new category you need to specify:

Short ID (URL) - This is the string that will appear inside the browser's address bar when the user navigates to this section. In the above example the URL when navigating to 'PDP' will be

Category title -  This is the name that appears within the goals dropdown from the top navigation bar for all users.

The event types selection area for each category allows you to choose which types of goal should be displayed when a user accesses this category. You can start typing to search for the name of each event type.

When you have added all the event types and categories required ensure they are in the desired order. The order that they are specified on this page will be the order in which they appear in the goals dropdown for all users. This can be changed by clicking and dragging on this button 

Finally click  at the bottom of the page to publish these changes.

The categories that you create here will have an impact for users in two places:

1 - When accessing their goals tab. Each user can choose which category to view which will take them to their goals page showing only those goals which exist within that category.

2 - When creating a new event and linking it to goals. On the create new event screen when the user clicks the button link to... they will be asked to choose from a list of the available categories. Once chosen this will present them with a list of their available goals within that category.