2.12.1: Kaizen



Release Number


Release Date

May 19, 2020


  • Reports embedded within event types now display the version number

  • When viewing another user’s timeline ‘Your to do list for this user’ now automatically updates upon event submission

  • Goals with no achievement targets set now display progress as simple number values or event links

  • Event type editor now displays a warning when a field upon which another field is dependent for visibility has been removed

  • New report filter event owner visible because of my role as

  • New events report filter role of event owner

  • Length of text for chart labels is now increased for better legibility 

  • Event owners can now retract MSF invitations

  • It is now possible to approve your own responses from the pending sections area if you have the correct permissions


  • All goal overview tile now correctly displays all when there is no limit set

  • Restricted blueprints now display in the correct order when featured inside an event

  • Information on how a target calculates progress should now always be visible in the information popup

  • Logging out whilst on the create new event screen no longer shows an error

  • Fixed an incorrect method of calculation of goal progress in reports

  • Drafts can now no longer be submitted if the user does not have the permission to create events