2.13: Kaizen



Release Number


Release Date

Jul 12, 2020


New Features


Now users with the organisation admin role can login as another user directly from the profile view page. This enables you to see exactly what that user can see, create content on their behalf or troubleshoot issues effectively. Any actions performed whilst logged in as another user are recorded and captured in the audit log.


  • User fields can be reordered to dictate which order fields appear when viewing each user profile

  • Adds the ability to save an individual event to PDF

  • Report tables are now horizontally scrollable when there are too many columns to display on the page at once

  • The login process is now handled by our new authentication service


  • Resolved a problem which sometimes resulted in an event containing goals incorrectly showing the close goals action button 

  • Dashboard tile an overview of all your goals now uses the first defined period when all goals within a set are allocated to a period

  • Fixed a problem which could cause the spacing between headings and descriptive text elements in an event to be removed

  • Fixed a problem which could result in goals showing no progress when counting number of links across targets

  • Fixed a problem which could result in the timeline owner not being able to retract an event if sections have been skipped

  • Fixed a problem which could cause some MSF reports to not display properly within an event

  • Added a warning within a multi source event type section if timeline owner is selected as a role responsible for this section. This is to indicate that timeline owners cannot be invited to complete a multi source section

  • Fixed a problem preventing users from being able to edit date occurred and end date fields when editing the first section of an event

  • Faqs are now called FAQs

  • Prevented Headings from appearing twice when across a page break when exporting a report to PDF

  • Goal tiles on the dashboard now show a progress value for a goal which contains a mix of targets with achievements and open targets

  • Fixed a problem which could result in a mandatory field not being displayed to users completing a response directly from their email invitation