6.0.1: Practique iPad


practique ipad

Release Number


Release Date

Jun 4, 2018


New Features

Practique is now available from the App Store

On installing the app it must first be enrolled and configured for your Practique domain. Please see instructions here


Filters for Completed & Current exams on Exam list

Practique for iOS previously listed all exams on the Exam list screen which has been pushed to devices on Practique Server. This behaviour led to the situation when the Exam list screen has been cluttered with exams no longer relevant, however those exams has not yet been published and so remained available on the Exam list screen.

Practique for iOS will allow users to filter exams based on their status showing either Current exams (exams with pending or in progress sessions) or Completed exams (exams which have all sessions complete).

Better indication of marksheet submission status

Previously: The marksheet submission notification, the green coloured row on the candidate list or marksheet, would appear as soon as examiner pressed the Submit marksheet button. This notification did not take into account whether the data has been actually transmitted to Practique Server. Yellow colour was used to indicate that the marksheet has been changed and there are therefore not submitted changes.

Now: Changes have been made to the marksheet submission status notifications on the Examiner's device to provide clear notification of the submission status of the marksheet. The marksheet submission status on the Examiner's device is now indicated by following colour coding the stages:

  • NO COLOUR  new marksheet; has not yet been edited

  • YELLOW  work-in-progress marksheet; currently being edited, or has been completed and submitted but the marks have not yet been confirmed at the Practique Server. This status will be seen for example when the session is being run off-line or if there are connectivity issues.

  • GREEN  completed marksheet; marks have been received and confirmed by the Practique Server

New domain configurable features

  • On Examiner's device the candidates can be identified by their full name, their candidate ID, or both together.

  • On Marshal's device the name of the Role Player can be displayed along with the case title and summary.

  • Client-specific terms and conditions can be added.


PSD-1044     Typos on Marshal's iPad screen