7.4.0 Haiku

31 May 2020


  • Add new Symplectic source 'EBioMedicine'

  • Upgrade underlying code version for compatibility during the system upgrade for multiple packages/features

  • Implement Oxford Talks Digest Generator on all sites



  • Fix team portlet scroll when limiting the number of people showing so that the scroll arrows show at the right time.

  • Update to the publications tile on profile pages. When setting '0' for recent publications, the 'Show all' button on the publications will still show.

  • Add support for RichTextLabel widget for haiku.bootstrap

  • Update date/time widgets

  • Fix for accordion when not showing all the pages of additional content that it should

  • Update external links tracking script

  • Mark external links with 'rel=external' in listings



  • Fix for 'Add from cloud' button to ensure it is showing in all applicable locations.

  • Fox for 'Add from cloud' form so that 'Exclude from navigation' is not a required field.

  • Cloud API improvements