2.14: Kaizen



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New Features

Custom Email Notifications

You can now view the full list of email notifications which are sent from the system. Each one will be a customisable template so that you can choose the exact content of each type of email notification. The templates will include the ability to change both the email subject and body. Within the content you now have the ability to add placeholders so that each email can be specific to the user/event etc which triggered it. These placeholders will include Name of owner, Name of user sending invitation, Name of user receiving invitation, Event name, Role(s) of event owner, Role(s) of invitee, Section content, Link to event, Link to invitation

The settings will include the ability to enable/disable each email template. When disabled this type of email will not be sent from the system. You can also send test emails from within the template so that you can check how the email displays before saving the changes.

Fill in on same device

These new changes allow you to simplify the engagement with your assessor style users. All the necessary action can be captured at the point of assessment which removes any burden of requiring a subsequent sign off.

It brings additional settings within the event type section to control how fill in on the same device functions for that particular event type:

  • Fill in on same device enabled/disabled - Gives you the option to turn on/off the functionality for any given section

  • Default visibility of next section (shown/collapsed) - Whether the next section is shown by default or collapsed as is the case currently

  • Allow user to change visibility - If the default visibility is shown this allows you to collapse the next section if for any reason the assessor is not with them in person. This allows you to force trainees/assessors to fill in assessments on the same device on the spot, or allow them to choose to provide feedback later.

There will be a second set of settings which then control whether or not a section filled in on the same device requires any confirmation before continuing:

  • None - a confirmation email is sent to the author but no further action is required

  • Email - a request for confirmation is sent to the author which they must approve before the section can be merged

  • Authentication - the author can authenticate using their normal credential procedure from the same device, a confirmation email is then sent to the author but no further action is required


  • Allow and block lists: Currently when sending an invitation to an external user it is possible to send to any valid email address. This improvement brings the ability to provide a list of email domains which are allowed or blocked for the purpose of external invitations.

  • CSS Enhancements: You now have greater control over all colour shades. We offer a 5-colour palette with each colour having up to 10 variants ranging from light to dark. Plus up to 10 variants of grey. All elements in Kaizen now use these colours exclusively. This has removed the ability to customise page body background, colour of form fields when focusing on them, button font colour, link colour, body font colour, body font family (we default to using Inter), heading font family (we default to using Inter), border corner radius on buttons and border corner radius on avatar

  • Likert as a new blueprint: Likert is now available as a blueprint field allowing you to choose a defined option representing a value, instead of having to remember specific values that apply to a field. This enables you to use these values in goals tracking, and to make reporting simpler.


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