2.16: Kaizen



Release Number


Release Date

Jun 11, 2021

New Features

Relation filters within goals: Automatically track and amend the measurement of training progress.

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The progress of students/trainees can be measured and tracked using Kaizen’s goals functionality. These goals are a way to track how students/trainees are progressing across their course.

Student/trainee goals are often associated with a particular element of the course such as a year / semester / unit / level/ rotation.

What has been updated is the way that events are linked to goals. Previously the method of linking goals and events was to define specific dates, e.g. count events that are created between 01/09/2020 - 30/07/2021. This meant that if the dates changed for any reason (e.g. a student needed to extend their rotation / year level) an administrator would have to make an associated manual change to that user’s goals.

As the information containing each person’s year level/rotation is often applied as a relation we have simplified the setup process by introducing the ability to define time periods within goals using existing relations. This removes the need to define specific dates within the goals for each user, and automates the adjustment of each users goals after any change to year level/rotation. This new functionality is available when defining filters within periods or targets within goal configuration.

The ability for goals to utilise existing relations brings the additional benefit of being able to adjust a user’s training time through integration using the Kaizen API and for this change to be automatically represented within their goals. This greatly improves data accuracy, reduces administrative workload and ensures there is now only one source of data for each person’s training time.


Blueprint field name: Customise the name of blueprints used within events.

Please click here to view the guidance documentation.

When using a blueprint within an event, the title of the blueprint has always been used as the label for the field. This has meant that wherever the same blueprint is used across multiple events the field label would always remain the same.

Now you can customise the field label whenever a blueprint is used within an event. The new visible label on the form field allows you to choose what the end user will see when they are completing this form.

This brings the potential to streamline the number of blueprints required to manage the display of fields across different forms.


  • When a new user registers for a Kaizen account during the external user registration process they are now allocated to their assigned role when approval is set as ‘not required’.


To fix intermittent / previous issues reported the following fixes have been implemented:

  • Text within multi-reports can be centre aligned.

  • Previous error redirecting users back to the dashboard when searching by invalid dates on the All Events page has been fixed.

  • Events containing a hidden goal field are able to be submitted correctly.

  • When filling in an event from the preview popup the invitation box for the next user displays correctly.

  • Owners are able to add, edit or delete custom goals.

  • Goals with no linked events can be deleted.

  • Filtering by state within the timeline displays results correctly.

  • Adding a new goal for a user automatically populates progress correctly using historic events.

  • Featured fields (“show this field on timelines”) displays correctly when viewing goals lists.

  • Using the users who are linked to filter within a user report correctly filters results.