Exam preparation

Step-by-step guide

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  1. Clicking Create a new exam from the dashboard brings up the exam creation screen:
  2. Every exam needs to be attached to a previously created blueprint. Upon selecting the appropriate one from the drop down the system will automatically populate the capacity, blocks, sessions and circuits fields if these were specified at the create blueprint stage earlier. You are able to change these values freely if necessary.
    1. Exam venue candidate capacity - this is the maximum number of candidates that your exam venue can accommodate per circuit 
    2. Number of blocks during an exam day - useful to have more than one if you intend to run different Item sets on the same day. One block can accommodate one Item set. 
    3. Number of sessions during an exam block - sessions are run sequentially and usually multiple sessions will allow different groups of candidates to take the same exam on the same day. 
    4. Number of circuits per one session - circuits are run concurrently so this field determines the number of circuits that your exam centre can accommodate at the same time. The number of candidates each circuit will contain is set within the field for Exam venue candidate capacity.
  3. Once you have populated these fields from the exam creation screen the system will contain information on the size and setup of your venue for this particular exam. It will use this information within the following Continue preparations workflow to schedule candidates, Items, Examiners (OSCE) and Role Players (OSCE) correctly.