Grade Bands

Available from versions: 8.4 (Practique Server) and 2.7.89 (P4B)

Feature release date: 28/02/2022



Grade bands, based on raw % score can be defined on a per exam basis. The grading scale is configurable for example A,B,C,D or 1, 2.1., 2.2.

Grade bands are configured post exam and provide a summary of candidates' results as a cohort, to support grouping of performance.

Grade banding is an addition to existing functionality and can be initiated in the preparation, marking and reporting phases of exam administration.


Set Up Guide

  • To apply Grade Bands click the ‘Set standard’ button

  • Once in ‘Set standard' click the 'Grades’ button

  • This will take you to the ‘Grade settings’ page. The possible locations for visibility of the grades, once set, are shown here

  • + Create example grades’ - this button automatically creates a set of A+ to F grade bands with generic percentage intervals

  • At this stage, both the ‘Name’ and the ‘Value [%]’ of these bands can be changed or grade lines removed entirely, new grades can also be added

  • When you have finished defining your Grade Bands click ‘Save & Close’, this will take you back to the ‘Set Standard’ page

  • When back on the ‘Set Standard’ page, click on the ‘Candidates’ button to see an overview of each candidate's score for the exam. The Grades, as defined, will show in this report


Set Up Guide (Dimension Pass Mark)

If you have Dimension Pass Marks set up within your Exam, Grade Bands can be defined per Dimension/Category. For more information on Dimension Pass Marks please follow the link: here.

  • Once the Dimension and Category Pass Mark has been added (clicking the ‘Save & Close’ button), the ‘Grades’ button will automatically show for each Dimension

  • Clicking the ‘Grades’ button loads the Grade Settings page - Grade Boundaries can then be defined, using the same process as normal

  • Once finished, click the ‘Save & Close’ button, the defined Grade Boundaries will then apply to that Dimension only



  • When a value is assigned to a grade, it is the 'Bottom' grade. For example - if A+ has a value of 95%, this is defined as a score between 95% and 100% where a percentage of 94.99 would result in receiving a grade of A

  • If Grade Bands are defined for the exam, the individual candidate report will display the grade rather than Pass/Fail.


  • When adjusting the ‘Value [%]’ figures, any conflicting values in numeric ranges will be highlighted in RED with a warning symbol. This means the bottom range for the grade is higher than the bottom range for the higher grade. This will need to be reviewed and rectified before you are able to continue. Once done, the highlighting and warning symbol will be removed.




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