Multiple Acceptable Answers Questions (MAA)

Available from versions: 8.4 (Practique Server) and 2.7.89 (P4B)

Feature release date: 28/02/2022



Multiple Acceptable Answers (MAA) question type is available for written exams. This question type displays a predefined list of possible answers.

Multiple answers can be defined as correct and a weighting applied. For example, each answer can be weighted to count as 1 mark or as a percentage of a whole, it is also possible to apply a negative weighting to incorrect options.


Set Up Guide

  • Click on ‘Items’ from the main menu, then click ‘+ Create new Item

  • Select ‘Multiple Acceptable Answers Question’ from the ‘Item Type’ dropdown menu

  • Give your new Item a title and select the appropriate language

  • Click on ‘Create Item’ - enter the details for your Multiple Available Answers Question as required

  • To define the available answers click on ‘+ Add new answer’ and define the responses, ticking the boxes if they are correct

  • To change the weighting of the answers, click the blue symbol underneath ‘Is correct?’

  • When all fields are completed save and exit to the Item list - your Item will be ready to be reviewed or used.