Item Author(s)

Available from versions - 8.5

Feature release date: 09/05/2022


Summary of New Feature/Improvement

The Author(s) function allows a Practique User to be identified as an author (or owner) of an item, even when the item was created by another User. The Author(s) is (are) bound to an item across all versions and variants throughout the Items history.

This functionality allows for more granular ownership and management of Items in Practique Question Bank as the Author(s) can be defined by a User, this means that Items can be correctly identified by, and assigned to, their Author(s); rather than the Practique User inputting them in to the Question Bank.

Each new version of an Item inherits the Author(s), but if an Author is changed at any point in any version of the Item then the updated Author is applied to all versions retrospectively.


Set Up Guide

  • When an Item is in Draft click Edit Item Details

  • From this screen the ability to add an Author is possible

  • The Users available to be an Author will appear in a dropdown menu

  • From this menu you can select a single (or multiple) Author(s)


The Author field can be used as a filter when searching for Items owned or written by a particular User:



  • Changing an Author is only possible when the Item is in draft state

  • An Item can have more than one Author

  • If, when first creating an Item, the Author field is left blank, then the User creating the Item will be assigned as the Author

  • When importing items a new mandatory column is added to the example XLSX file. This column doesn’t have to contain data but it has to be there when importing. Only a username already existing in Practique is accepted in that field.


  • If an Item needs a new author but the organization wants to keep the old item and author then instead of creating a new version user should Clone the item.