Dimension Pass Criteria

It is possible to set a passing criteria in Practique based on a particular blueprint dimension. An example of this would be determining that a candidate must not only get above the passing score for the exam, but also get over 50% of available communication marks. 

Dimension passing criteria are set as part of the Standard Setting procedure. Multiple Dimension Pass criteria can be added by clicking 'Dimension pass mark'.


You can also set multiple categories within the same dimension to be passed. For example, you can set so that candidates must get above 60% in two of three categories (eg Communication, History taking and Prescribing).

You can then set multiple categories with varying passing criteria. For example, it is possible to set a minimum number of stations in which a candidate must attain a given station pass mark, or alternatively set an overall pass mark for given stations.

Here, we are setting that a candidate must get 50% overall in all stations tagged with communication.