Attaching documents to an Item

Documents can be attached to any Item, either directly or through the built in asset library in Practique.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Select the Item documents tab on the Item overview screen.
    Item Documents
  2. Click Add a document to be taken to the screen where you can make an attachment to this Item.

    Candidate notes, examiner notes and role player notes can all be uploaded here. They should be in PDF format in order to be able to be displayed on the iPad.

    Candidate notes
    Any notes that are designed for candidates to see. These will automatically be visible to candidates if they have been given an iPad to work with on that station.

    Examiner notes
    Any notes that are designed for only examiners to see. These will be visible only to examiners on a station and not candidates.

    Marking schedule
    Intended to be used to provide notes to examiners specific to how they should grade the candidate.

    Role player notes
    Notes for role players

    Can be chosen from an existing document in the asset library or uploaded directly here. Assets are designed for any documents that by default will be visible only to examiners. Candidates can request access to these from their own iPads which will first require them to enter a code before they can be shown.


  3. Selecting Download on the list of documents will download a copy to your local disk.
  4. Selecting Edit on the list of documents will display a preview of the document and allow you to make changes to the version (for a general overview of versioning within Practique please click here).

The Edit button next to each document upload will turn to a View button once the Item is published. For information on the editing, approving and publishing workflow please click here.