Viewing coverage of a blueprint

Blueprints can be used primarily whilst constructing event types or as a way for users to tag their events. When users are able to tag then it is useful for them to be able to browse that blueprint to see which events they have tagged. This is referred to as viewing the coverage of a blueprint.


Users can view the coverage of blueprints that have been given the event tagging purpose from the settings.

Coverages are accessible for each user from within the reports dropdown menu item in the top navigation bar. The options displayed are all blueprints which are considered current, which means:

  • A blueprint which has been given the event tagging purpose will always be shown

  • A blueprint which has been given the event tagging purpose and marked to be restricted by relation will be shown here only during the dates for which it is active, i.e. the dates for which the relation has been applied. 

Relation restricted blueprints can always be tagged against even when the date period has expired. Coverage can also be viewed by accessing direct from the related dashboard tile.

The blueprint coverage dashboard tile will display all the current, previous and future blueprints that a user can view coverage against.