Associate relations with goals

When defining the linking or progress measurement filters for targets and periods, it is common to need to be able to determine exactly which events should be counted towards any given target. One of the most prevalent methods of doing this is using the dates of the events which are created.

Relations are widely used as the method by which users are allocated to important elements of their course, for example; Year / level, Rotation, Semester etc. If and when these course allocations change throughout the year, it is simply a matter of modifying the start date and/or end date of the event which applied them.

To connect these same course allocations to a user’s goals it is possible to use the in the range of the user’s relation filter within the goals configuration.

This option is available when choosing created date, last modified date, completed date, start date or end date from the data type selection.

When a relation is selected in this manner the filter will be satisfied when the chosen date falls with the active range for that relation.


Joe Blogs is assigned to Academic Year 1 between 01/09/20 and 31/08/21.


Joe has been assigned course objectives as goals with periods used to separate these objectives into the different academic years.


Each year period is configured such that progress is counted when the start date (date occurred) of any linked event falls within Year 1.


When Joe creates the correct event and the start date (date occurred) falls within Year 1 this automatically counts toward the Year 1 objective.

Progress is updated and shown within the goal.